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all prices are fixed a.k.a i'm too lazy to compare prices. some of the amulets' price might have been too expensive right now, but there was a time where those are the normal prices. sorry!


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Last Login: 11/04/2023 2:06 am

Birthday: 01/04


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i play zOMG!

I got addicted to LK lately so i've been playing that.. a lot.


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oO-Ui-Oo Report | 05/21/2022 1:13 am
You're welcome. smile
oO-Ui-Oo Report | 05/01/2022 7:57 am
Cool avvy.
aquatorrent Report | 12/03/2020 6:37 pm
@Akibrino: thank you!! whee
Akibrino Report | 12/03/2020 4:02 pm
Your bae has a nice avi!
Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 04/17/2020 2:49 pm
Nash-eoke_The Patcher
Hi it's been a fair while . I noticed you when you were online just now.

Ah it's a shame you're not on so much now. Not to worry .

Hopefully someday we will meat again on zOMG! Dont know where , dont know when ?

Regds & Peace


Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 03/23/2020 7:27 pm
Nash-eoke_The Patcher
UK/GB Sadly in Lockdown from today =^~^=

But some good news . I finaly created the Mid Week Meet thread


2 PST start tomorrow . Thats 10pm for me here in UK/GB

Will last until the normal Dev Meat start time 5 PST , i'm sure you know your own time , i'm lousy with that kind of stuff . But then I am a bit mental rofl

Link below

v v

Subscribe and I will update which server before hand . Week Meet


Another opportunity for us to meet up , chat and support each other in this time of hardship . Lets hope it ends soon confused
Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 04/06/2019 10:02 am
Nash-eoke_The Patcher
Yes it's been a little while since I went in to DMS . Although it wasn't long ago . I remember getting quite far , or feeling like I had . Although I have been told I was only in the Green section . It had been the first time I went in there with a full crew and survived to fight . I did enjoy it . But because it was the first time . I was going in with the Tank a couple of times when i shouldn't have . DMS and SS & SB take a lot of time of grinding .

Not sure if I can do DMS for a whole evening night ? Who knows maybe one day i'll give it another go .

I have a lot of free time , but I am a bit mental , registered disabled an 40 now . But I still like to keep myself Physicaly and Mentaly active if I can .

But all this Gaia recently means i'm not getting so much sleep . Too many early mornings .

Regds & Peace from London .

Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 04/06/2019 9:43 am
Nash-eoke_The Patcher
WB to Gaia . I came back just over a month ago meself

There are still quite a few people on here . Probably not as many as there was back in the old days . But The Gaian's are still Vibrant and loyal !

I never really left meself . I have been floating in and out of gaia for years. But I was most active from 2010 / 12

It's just a really nice colourful place to be . And I think this time around a lot more friendly.

Regds & Peace


Ai Died Here Report | 05/10/2018 7:43 am
Ai Died Here
Yea we can trash talk about them as much as we can here, as long as it's not on forums lol

haha, I'll add them!, mine is "NotThatINeedDiscordOrAnything5812" xD
Ai Died Here Report | 05/06/2018 12:38 am
Ai Died Here
Yeeeee Gaia sucks! (hope I wouldn't get banned from saying this x'D )
I can respond faster in Discord because I have it on phone xp

Tell me your ID! wink