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Gender: Male

Location: United States of America!

Birthday: 07/04

Occupation: Being a hero and bring justice to the world!

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All About Your Hero!

Yo! Waz up! This is Alfred F. Jones, your hero! I've come because I saw some other people on here, sayin' they were me. Can you believe those posers? And Arthur came on here too. Following in my big footsteps, of course.

Here's some info on me. Though everyone already knows all about me! Fans always obsess about the little things in amazing heroes like me.

Represents: The great United States of America!
Age: 19...Way younger than that old man England...
Gender: Male! Superman so kicks Wonder Woman's a**.
Birthday: July 4th! Remember that! I made that my birthday 'cause now Arthur has to give me a present for kicking his a**!
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'9 ft. Who the hell cares about centimeters? ******** the metric system! Who's with me?
Likes: Heroes, justice, being better than everyone else naturally, saving people, hamburgers, sodas, adventures, scary movies, coffee, video games, making fun of Arthur, kicking Russia's a**, kicking everyone's a**, being completely cool, happy endings.
Dislikes: Russia, villains, tea, sad endings, the way Arthur dresses, things not owned by America, people trying to prove me wrong, unjust attacks.

Need to know anything else about me? Then read your history books! I'm splashed all over those things. Some nerdy people call me the hero of history, and well, not to honk my own horn, but I'm damn cool.

That's it!

Alfred Out!

-thumbs up-

(( Oh! Oh! See~: Hey there! This is a roleplaying account for the character Alfred F. Jones or USA from the anime and web comic, Axis Powers Hetalia. If you see me saying anything outside of these parenthesis, it is Alfred, not myself, and please do not take any offense. It's all a joke and well...Let's face it. America isn't the most unoffensive place in the world, yeah? So! If you have a problem and can express it in a kind and mature manner, feel free to PM me, otherwise, kindly shove it up your a**. Thanks~ Hope you enjoy the fun! ^-^ ))

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NagisaShiota1000 Report | 10/12/2014 2:56 pm

nice profile :3
kyohei hyuuga Report | 07/05/2013 6:42 am
kyohei hyuuga
Belated Happy Birthday!

User Image

Sorry. Was out eating barbecue and some burgers last night.
Timid shy panda Report | 07/04/2013 9:35 pm
Timid shy panda
Happy birthday amigo~
Lets celebrate with pan while we light the fireworks~!!!
Kol Story Bro Report | 03/19/2013 7:26 am
Kol Story Bro
Thank you for accepting, Amerika!
Kirkland Incorporated Report | 08/11/2012 4:16 pm
Kirkland Incorporated
Hmm... -soft, appraising sound- If you're that bored, perhaps we should do something enjoyable together.
cocoprince Report | 08/01/2012 8:16 pm
kasei_mangetsu Report | 07/30/2012 9:06 pm
Awesome!!! heart Can't wait for your answer. But i feel like some countrys would disaprove. ah well. who cares. Goodnight emotion_hug :
kasei_mangetsu Report | 07/30/2012 8:43 pm
yum_burger biggrin Yess.My hero emotion_kirakira . thank you.I'm here if you ever need a sidekick redface
Timid shy panda Report | 06/13/2012 4:16 pm
Timid shy panda
(same here,we were under lock down)
Timid shy panda Report | 06/13/2012 4:14 pm
Timid shy panda
-sweatdrops-no wonder why people dont like america,he has no sense of geograph
(nice weather were having)


Intellectually, I know that America is no better than any other country; but emotionally I know he has to be better than every other country.

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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...

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