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Hullo to all those visiting my profile. I'm not quite sure how this thing works...But if Alfred can manage, I'm sure I will persevere with ease. Now, I'm sure most of you know who I am, and most likely know of my interests as well. Seeing as I have conquered most of the world and the seas, not knowing about me would truly show just how ignorant you are. But, in case some details have gotten lost with time, here are a few things...

Represents: United Kingdom (aka Great Britain or England)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown (When you get as powerful as I am, you tend to forget tedious details. )
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Height: 175 cm (5'9 ft for those of you that refuse to use the metric system...Alfred...)
Likes: Tea, winning, the monarchy, cooking and the weather.
Dislikes: America, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sealand etc. Idiots and the weather.

Need to know more? Educate yourself and stop being such a bloody wanker.

(( OOC: This is a roleplaying account for myself and the lovely lady (her words not mine) making Alfred talk. We are here to entertain and to please, so I hope we manage both! Arthur is a strange man to play....though being English myself I think I can do it))


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DayDreamer AlfredJones Report | 10/12/2011 8:06 am
DayDreamer AlfredJones
"HA, I KNEW I COULD FIND YOU HERE, ARTHUR!" he pointed and laughed at him "YOUR ON THE INTERNET!"

(( xD sup! i just made my alfred and am looking for some hetalia rpers... but havent had much sucess yet. so hope your still active~))
Feliciana_Vargas_of_Italy Report | 06/17/2011 5:59 pm
OH NOES! It's Arthur! Please don't feed me your food! -Runs and hides behind skinny pole- Please don't let him find me. Please don't let him find me.

((Hi! I'm... ummm... online it says that the female name for italy was either Feliciana Vargas or Daisy Vargas.... call my roleplay character what ever.. I'm Ita-chan and I found you and Alfred looking around for fun Hetalia people and decided to jump in randomly. So... Yeah... that's about it))
Anaya_of_Wolves Report | 09/06/2010 11:06 am
cool avi
Xx_Rion_Zanes_xX Report | 07/09/2010 7:25 am
Ahh,You must be Arthur of England ^^ How are you,sir?
Alfred In America Report | 05/01/2010 7:26 pm
Alfred In America
hey! its not that bad...u no how expensive this skirt was? insane! *laughs awkwardly and rubs head* and i remember teh way u taught me how 2 dress and i havent been dressin liek that since 4ever and a day. besides! its spring! how am i gonna freeze 2 death? its practically bathin suit weather! *gestures towards bikini top* so im correctly dressed. ur teh weirdo in teh suit...and in a way i kinda am takin a page from ur fashion handbook. *grins and pulls at his own eye patch* arg, iggy?

(( Oh! Oh! See~: I always do. xD ))
Alfred In America Report | 03/28/2010 2:55 pm
Alfred In America
*stops dragging you* awesum! cuz i didnt no where i was draggin u anyway... biggrin then they must all be dead cuz ur teh only person i no who still believes in them...*looks at you* geez, arthur have you already been drinkin? u usually save all teh mushy walks on teh memory lane from hell until after u had sum drinks...u dont have a fever or anythin do u? *checks your forehead*
Zemila Report | 03/28/2010 2:48 pm
-frowns- Arthur... -looks down- Please just accept me -looks up- ... I will let you c-cook for me....
Zemila Report | 03/28/2010 2:32 pm
-frowns- Arthur... please just let me be around you.... I am bored...
Alfred In America Report | 03/28/2010 2:26 pm
Alfred In America
oh come on. ur freakin out over nothin! and my drinks r just fine! u drank them and u got drunk off ur a** doin it. ...and...iggy...theres no such thing as fairies...*nods and starts to drag you by your collar* come on! nao i no u need a drink! biggrin
Zemila Report | 03/28/2010 2:04 pm
ugh Iggy take me with you! -doesnt care that she improperly adressed you-

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing—after they’ve tried everything else.

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing---After they've tried everything else.

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