hehe i nhavent updated in like many monthees so you know this is old stuff biggrin too-shay, retroness.

im just another guy who's 13 turning 14 JANURAY and lives in london. oh and aslo im a dude and i did have a girl avi for some weird reason but now im im back to a guy. and finally i got a computer in my room yea!. finally getting my privacy in my house

- love movies alll types esspically crime or horror , some comdey a bit of fantasy
- hilary duff and ashlee simpson paris and lots more there so hot geez!!
- psp
- getting out of my house!
- main 2 i like is rock and techno/dance/trance more but those are the main
- fable (the game)
- layer cake , revolver , ong bak , saw triligoy much more but i forgot them.
- marvel stuff
- blade movies i love them
- my awsome friends
- and a lot more but i forgot what they were.

bands i like not including techno/dance because they got some weird names rock bands -
feeder, my chemcial romance, bloc party, linkin park, greenday , swithfoot, funeral for a friend, the acadmey is... , blink 182, (+44),all amercian rejects, yellowcard, papa roach!, INME, and the list goes on but right now i forgot most of them

some images of my intrests
User Image User Image
my main games i play. PM ME IF YOU PLAY!!!!
User Image great band
User Image of course blink182 User Image im going to blush biggrin
User Image i cant get enought of snk vs capcom.
User Image fable the game i love because you can chose what to do.
User Image best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User Image oh if only i could win it
User Image i do play a lot of football and i do love it but in the pic it aint me. User Image i posted this because psp menas a lot to me because my brother brought me it as a gift and a game and movie and it serously meant a lot to me he went to extrems to get it (kinda worried if he could afford it. (he did buy me a limted edition white psp)


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High school Musical

i saw high school musical today... where breaking free. soooaaaring fllllyyyyying theres not a star in heaven that we cant reach and if were trying yea were breaking free



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nice pro
foxy cheese

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foxy cheese

foxy cheese

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foxy cheese

I get gold when IO comment you :3

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Durka durka jihad jihad.

HarrowLAN on friday MIRITE?

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hello!!and i also have a psp!!
Fancy Wildling

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Fancy Wildling

Hey! Long time no chat! So how are you doin?
I leik raep

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I leik raep

hey man check out my new signature lol
I leik raep

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I leik raep

yo dood thanks for the comment M/>.<M/

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really cool profile. highschool musical woot!
Lady Blade

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Lady Blade

Nice profile. Chat soon.