For people who don't know me ... I'm Joe, I'm 14 years old and a freshman, I have one girlfriend (Jessi) who i really like and want to have our relationship go on for a long time (I hope) just read the section on Jessi (i think its waaaaay too long ... idk how i even wrote that ... oh well XD ...), I am 6'1" (and maybe .5 extra now) and a HUDGE Red Sox fan, Celtics, and Patriots fan. I play Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Ski (sometimes). I'm playing highschool football this year and #15 (wanted to be #17 but apparentally they don't have that number) ... its awsome, and I also hope to make the baseball team. Anyway, enough about me, lets talk about my friends (in my school) XD .....

Best Friends ........

Nick~ he is Halarious!!!!! he doesn't have a pro, but we play football together, and we ski together. We've been friends since, probably, 1st grade. so we know eachother pretty well. We also hang out a lot.

Chad` he is a funny, weird and kind of well lets not go there, he is probably what 5' 5". Uuumm lets see, chad was one of my friends since like 4th grade (i don't really know) and he is also playing football with me nxt year.

Kevin~ he is a weird child, he has these phases that he goes through ... but he is and all around nice guy, kind of funny and helps Jacob make perverted jokes (AWKWARD). we are both compleatly different (not even kidding ... its kind of creepy if you think about it) ... but he is one of my best friends in school and outside of school so i don't care.


Jessi~ she is the nicest, funniest, most-random, indestructible, kitty i know (don't ask about the kitty part lol). she is the best girlfriend i ever had (and the first for that matter lol) and we have been going out for about 4 months (maybe 5 .. idk right now). we hang out a ton. she is like my life .. and i wouldn't trade her for anything ... I love u Jessi ^^

Alexis~ no pro ... Alexis has these moments where she like totally blanks out even when your talking right in front of her face to her (she is weird like that) she is a really nice person, funny, kind of retarted XD (jk Alexis) and just all around nice like Jessi (but Jessi is better sorry Alexis you just got owned), she has a boyfriend (Dillon Irish) but Dillon and I don't really talk that much ... she says Jessi and I look good together (even though i have like a foot in hight over her) XP ... but the bottom line is Alexis is a total NUT!!! but she is funny like that. GO ALEXIS!!!! XD



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heeey!!! i havnt talked to u in FOREVERZ!!!!!!
how hav u been?

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Joe you just need to control yourself. If you want text me and we can talk more.

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Just express that to her. Be honest to her and tell her.
Ask what she would like to see if you guys were friends again, and try to actually listen and take in the thoughts.
don't be so hard on yourself over it, because if you are you will do things you regret.

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Thanks joe. I know you are, and I know you care deeply for her but if you do, just let her choose.
Seriously it was hard for me too. although it may not have seemed like it.

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I hope you know that you should give up. If you are starting over then you would find new people.
also yeah I have hated you for a long time and I do have reason's. Also my preferences are mine, not yours so just shut up.

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If you hate bitches say it to their face.
And first off I have hated you much longer than jessi has so shut your face. and get your facts right.

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lol i try

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Hey...nice pro (jus commentin coz i need money) ^.^

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