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Kagine Tundra Heslin Report | 09/14/2019 4:04 am
Kagine Tundra Heslin
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-is poked, seemingly being very stiff- Mmm..?

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Kagine Tundra Heslin Report | 08/29/2019 7:58 pm
Kagine Tundra Heslin
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Otherwise I have to fix it down myself.

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Kagine Tundra Heslin Report | 08/21/2019 6:27 pm
Kagine Tundra Heslin
Thanks. -pats her neck to secure the zipper-
Kagine Tundra Heslin Report | 08/20/2019 8:36 pm
Kagine Tundra Heslin
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This is normal really. So uh.. put my head down back?

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Kagine Tundra Heslin Report | 08/20/2019 8:13 pm
Kagine Tundra Heslin
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-head ends up being plucked off due to the old zipper at the neck went rusty- . . . Hey.

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Zendia Dark Report | 08/15/2019 7:48 pm
Zendia Dark
happy birthday abyss
AbyssXezl The Soulless Report | 07/03/2019 5:46 am
AbyssXezl The Soulless
*pets ya head with cold winter cloud hand*
Kagine Tundra Heslin Report | 07/02/2019 9:06 am
Kagine Tundra Heslin
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Kagine Tundra Heslin Report | 07/01/2019 11:25 pm
Kagine Tundra Heslin
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I prefer cold air rather than hot air.

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Kagine Tundra Heslin Report | 06/30/2019 9:28 pm
Kagine Tundra Heslin
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Well to be honest, I don't really remember much. It's been months I haven't gone in-character with her so I felt a bit odd.

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Xek Vo'lXon

AbyssXezl The Soulless's avatar

Last Login: 10/15/2019 6:41 pm

Gender: Male

Birthday: 08/15


my name is Kex Vo'lxion and I am a Xe'Torkian Race of the Xod'Vozkorx who are Distant Cousin and Related to The 1st Early Creation known as the Kyx'Ortex in the Uncharted Dark System by one of our old gods, but I am younger than them at the age of 29 Quintilian Years old. My Dark Past was Traumatized and Deep Regrets of what I did to the east or the west galaxy. My Species are 2nd Early Gen of whoever created us, But he made 1st Next Gen of Subspecies of our kind but they were mortals.
But the only thing he made me a lot more different then the others and my race can't unidentified of what it posts to do and I have no idea what it is, so I think he said it's a special and extremely rare matter and material that he implants it into me since I was born after my 1st older brother for some good reason. His Assistance was Testing and Experimenting with what my Abilities are and what does it do. Until the day of one of his Sons and their Scientists went overboard of abusing my Friends, Families, etc. and doing experimentation on them and on me. Until the results of me and the others went into a Bloody Frenzy of rage that turned us into uncontrollable monsters and until we start killing them one by one until My their father creator saw what of his sons and their servants of what they did to us. he tried to contain me and the others but tried to imprisoned us for what we did until we rebelled and started to unending war against half of his race until one of their champions, legendary heroes and their greatest and respectful Deities that were sent to defeat us and but a cost of them of heavily injuries, get devoured, and get impaled or Killed By me and my kind right until they sealed us in incased Crystallized Tombs that are shaped like stalagmite or other odd shapes and they sent us off to deep unknown region where no lights are to shine in the dreadnought prison ships or send us in unknown regions of solar systems where no planets been born yet.
Ancient literature Half of my Race died from unknown reasons until a crimson red storm hit the ship's engines and then we crash landed on to Unknown Star Systems of one of their Planets Before Other Younger Predated 150th Generation space faring advanced animal like travellers and early 1st synthetics like humanoids and non-humanoids and others species that they bring with them. so they inhabitant their new home planets that are shaped like a bit like earth or other planets but it is a lot larger and started their new civilization until 230 billion millennia ago they Found us in gigantic tombs of a massive capital prison ship and they started to enter many floors and rooms and yet they found the prison room of that's where we were chained, tortured and experimented on. they were inspecting and trying to figure out what we came from or what we are and they accidentally pressed a lever that powered the ship that uses for taking dangerous Species and War Criminals, and prisoners that are highly heavily guarded prison but the ship was very too close to the dark star and ended us into a frenzy and it was a manslaughter and all the inhabitants that used to be in that ship like prison guards, wardens, and other prisoners that are now deceased. The ship crash landed on before lily's species inhabitant there then they let us loose the chains around us and They Put us in some type of Healing Statuses pods so they can study and learned about us and the ancient script language inside and outside the ship until half of 140 of us wake up and started to break the glass right after we saw the highly advanced cities, capitals, towns, some villages. I was in some type of school and classes they have and I meet their youngest daughter named Lily wish the Star Child with her older siblings and parents(who were teachers or professors) who look like Star Wolf/Fox mix race and others, so they were kind to me and the others who was still alive and for 500 thousand Eons ago a disaster came and half the planet got corrupted by a Dark Blood Moon what was called the Corruption Genesis that turned us into Rampaging and Enraged Abyssal Curse Beasts that what happen to our old home and cause half of 90 mill deaths and inhabitants cities burned and we have no choice to leave the planet so we don't cause destruction and deaths to their home planet and we ended up crashing to the early Terra Planet called earth when there were no Humans who were not born yet or created before the 1st-millennium BC started and human start to build civilization and populations for generations but me, my brothers, and my kind are the only ones endangered to the Universe yet we still blend in human civilizations thanks for our mimic skin tones. But the others stayed at Lily's homeworld so they can build there own civilization and find how to control their Abyssal Curse Beasts.

{Physical and Cosmic Traits}

Enchanced Endurance: Without getting the body stressed, Unbearable Hunger, Thirst, tiredness, or wasting energy to move in different places or well star system plants like 10 minutes to Pluto(only Space warps which take a lot of energy).[/brown]

Enchanced Durability

{Weapon Armoury}

Primary Weapon

Incarnation Cinder:100-5000 *F Sword that gets Fired up of The Sun's Solar Radiation or Any Heat Sources in the Fire Environments or Heat Waves.

Blood Rift/Arcanic Warp: Along Edge Katana that Can Cut through Reality to Alter Dimensions Or Crimson Rifts/Blue Rift If it anything gets hit by it causes Internal bleeding at the weak spots then death Or Freeze their body parts Depends if the Katana turns blue. The katana will break when it causes a black hole size of a beach ball and will explode into Dark Dimensional shards that will hit with Impacted Damage and it will self-regenerated.

Black Sun Dragon: A wakizashi that Controls Darkness and Sand When the wielder is ready to Fight and the Black Sun Dragon gets dense and sharp when the wielder is controlling the movement like the Darkness and Furiously Black Sands and when the black sands form into black glass that is shaped like a Needle and is size of a human's thumb .

Corrosive Pestilence: dual wielding spear with Corrosive acid and Plague Venom that will cause you to get sick or The Acid burning the Flesh, rocks, and etc. expect high Density of glass. Living beings or Machines cant Wield it because of it cause effects of nausea, burning itch, or flesh-eating bacteria(Organic life forms), and it will cause a machine's bodies to rust, Sometimes Systems get fried, or turned into mindless killing machines(inorganics).

Second Primary

Dark Void: Made out of Ether and Dark Steel that shoots out Void Arrows, Black Thunder Arrows, and Crimson Ether Arrows.

Arcane Flint Pistol: A Modified Flint pistol with Arc Cosmic in it that shoots out Element Rounds.

Elemental Knives: Throwing Knives with different elements or Explosives.

{Abyssal Curse Beasts Forms}

Crimson Raptor: A Very Agile, Stealth Apex Predator that is Height of 5'9 and 345 Pounds that kill its pray of mimicking voices and blending in habitats and one of the known Stealthiest, Cunning, Fastest Abyss Curse Beasts.

Carnage Hex:One of the Most Deadliest and Dangerous Abyssal Curse Beasts that ever lived of its Hard Dense Skin, Very Aggressive Behavior, Durability, Stamina and Raw Power that is Destructive when it heavily injured a large amount of Rage and Savagery awaken it that will unleash ungodly Destruction will create a continent crater from its either one of the 3 trump cards it has.(H:8'13)(W:983).

Death Fire Kell:

Black Ice SiegeBreaker:

Electric Curse Bringer:

Earth Shaker Immortal:

Coming soon when I'm Thinking of this

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