A Random Fairy

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Last Login: 01/28/2020 9:05 am

Registered: 10/22/2007

Gender: Female

Location: Fairyland, Dreamworld

Birthday: 04/28

Occupation: Gifter Extraordinaire


Crowley the Crow on 06/27/2021
iWillBiteYuh on 06/17/2021
Irina96 on 01/09/2021
Erry Chu on 11/30/2020
HisNekoNeko on 11/04/2020
Gaara_Rox612 on 09/27/2020
SeasonalChanges on 09/06/2020
ZasukeTMFMeliodas on 07/30/2020
leigh810221 on 06/05/2020
Little Mortal on 04/25/2020
Gidea Radu on 01/22/2020
Yeah Kiwi on 12/10/2019
mrowingirl on 09/30/2019
Furizuna on 08/16/2019

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HisNekoNeko Report | 11/04/2020 9:37 am
Hey lovely, I miss you! I hope you are doing well <3
sryens Report | 09/19/2020 3:30 pm
came back to gaia after a hiatus and saw that you arent on anymore. miss you and hope you are doing well and staying safe heart
SeasonalChanges Report | 09/06/2020 7:03 am
I don't think you would remember me, but I recently came back after many years of not playing.

Sad to see you are no longer playing and leaving. I wish you the best and stay safe heart
shiahxiah Report | 04/30/2020 7:13 am
Pandemic made me back to gaia and realized you're no longer active. emo
It's a bit sad but wherever you're, I wish you all the best! whee
luvlee_x Report | 04/28/2020 12:06 pm
Hey Fairy! Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you.
I hope you are having fun with your friends and family even in these hard times.
Little Mortal Report | 04/25/2020 6:33 am
Little Mortal
Hi Fairy! Hope your life is amazing and positive! Didn't know you quit, farewell good friend, and thank's for all your help!
luvlee_x Report | 01/28/2020 2:51 pm
A year since you left, miss you and will always be thankful for meeting you.
You are an angel and savior!
Miss you emotion_bigheart
Yeah Kiwi Report | 09/28/2019 3:47 am
Yeah Kiwi
Thank you for everything you've done for me throughout the years, I'm so sad to see you leave... I hope you'd have a great life. heart
HisNekoNeko Report | 04/09/2019 7:45 am
Hey Fairy! Just came back to find out you are disappearing! Sadness, love you dollface! <3
I Nasura I Report | 03/10/2019 1:03 am
I Nasura I
No way! You're leaving Gaia? Ahh, I'm gonna miss you so much crying

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