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Arii o on 06/09/2020


Hello fellow gaiatins, my name is Nikki. I'm 20 years young and I'm living in So Flo.
I graduated class of 2014 and am currently enrolled in PBSC.
I am a hostess at Tgi Friday's and have been working there for almost a year and a half now.
I am adopted, but my aunt and uncle adopted me. Being adopted in the state of Florida has given me a chance to have 12 years of college for free. I got lucky and am very thankful.

I'm going to college to be a Pediatric Echo Tech.
When I was 3 months old, my mom was in an automobile accident. While she stayed in the hospital, I stayed with my aunt. Because my surroundings changed so drastically, I got bronchitis and it lasted a long time. Then when I was six years old, I had to go back to the doctor because I grew a wart on my nose, which needed to be removed. To be honest, all of my classmates and schoolmates called it a booger and it made me lose some friends because they thought the wart was weird looking. I'll always remember that day. In going through the process to have surgery, I had to see a pediatric cardiologist. He heard a heart murmur which led to me having to have an echo cardiogram. The sonogram showed the doctor that I had a leaky valve. From then on, I had to have an echo cardiogram once a year until the leakage stopped. My heart still has the murmur but its not as bad as it was and the doctor said the hole has closed up. But I still have a check up every six months.
For the one's who want to know the reason why I want to become a Pediatric Echo Tech.

If you are reading this and I friend requested you...
If I randomly add you it's most likely because I want to find your store again because you have good prices. Or I like your avi
whee please don't feel creeped out, I won't be offended if you don't accept. Unless we talked and you already know why I added you lol.

Bye for now (Updated October 14th, 2015).


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a mythical creature
I love your avi & I really enjoyed reading your "about me" on your profile. emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
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Your profile is quite beautiful, and unique.

Have a nice day.