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Zeyah Leigh Morana

❝What to do... in a beautiful moment as this... ❞


gender - Female
race - Demon
powers - Ability to speak with animals and Insects
hair color - Pink
eye color - Red
weight - 110lbs.
weapons - None
pet - Just a lizard sized black cat!


age - 20
bio - Zey has always been a very curious girl. She has traveled the world in search of everything she hopes to see, touch, hear, feel, and has come back with a lot of stories! Her family was kind, even if they were a bunch of 'demons'. Because of their... 'race', she has always had a problem with bullying. Her family only traveled to rid themselves of the hatred and anger. Zeyah has everything she needs in life... Expect knowledge... And love. Coming to Lutecha was a fortune foretold by her grandmother. Here, she would learn. She knew she was accepted here, as her true self.
dorm - 4A
personality - Active, Energetic, Sweet, A little crazy, A little shy, Talkative
likes - Sake - Sweets - Generosity
dislikes - Rude People - Dark Rooms - Dust