⊰Basic Character Information:

[»]True Name: Ashi
[»]Affiliation: N/A
[»]Occupation: Kitty~


[»]Appeared Age: 20
[»]Actual Age: 20
[»]Date of Birth: February 10th
[»]Gender: Female
[»]Sexuality: Straight
[»]Place of Birth: Unknown
[»]Race: Snow Leopard
[»]Height: 5'
[»]Weight: 100 lbs.
[»]Build: Petite
[»]Skin Color: White
[»]Blood Type: O+
[»]Natural Eye Color: Dull Brown
[»]Natural Hair Color: Beige
[»]Hair Length: Bum
[»]Hair Style: Crazy
[»]Defining Facial Features: Deep eyes, thin facial structure
[»]Dominant Hand: Right
[»]Speech Patterns: Inconsistent


[»]Marital Status: Single
[»]Birth Father: Unknown
[»]Birth Mother: Unknown
[»]Siblings: None
[»]Children: None
[»]Family Finances: None Needed
[»]Best Friend: Sikar


[→]Major Personality Traits:
[»] Generous
[»] Caring
[»] Needy
[»] Funny
[»] Ditzy

[→] Likes:
[»] Chocolate
[»] Gentlemen
[»] Shadows
[»] Playing
[»] Pretty Colors :3

[→] Dislikes:
[»] Rudeness
[»] Salads
[»] Pink

[»]Bad Habits: Acts before thinking
[»]Good Habits: Manners
[»]Best Memory: Meeting Sikar
[»]Worst Memory: The time she hit Sikar with a newspaper
[»]Proud Of: Her own accomplishments
[»]Temperament: Hyper, playful

[→] Friendships [Allies]: None

[→] Rivalries [Enemies]: None