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You can always tell any of my journal entries because of this little guy. He's cute, isn't he? I love him to death. His name is Wing XIII. Hopefully that won't bring any bad luck, eh?
Another Normal Day...
User Image 10/9/12
Well, today was another normal day in the life of a sophomore. Well, there was one exception- I didn't have as much homework as normal. That's good at least, right? our school went to shortened class periods this year, so it makes the teacher heap a lot of homework on our backs. I usually have around three to four hours a night. Listening to a little Epica or something while I'm working makes it go faster though.

We're learning about Mexico in Geography right now. It's such an interesting topic. We were watching a movie about it today. All I could think of the whole time was how interesting the music was in it. It was a video that looked like it was from the eighties- that whole grainy film quality and all, ya know. But the soundtrack was all this semi-mexican, semi-dancish-bebop-weirdish stuff that had a nice beat and got my foot tapping. What do they call that? techno? Dubstep?

Anyways, momma's yelling at me to go eat supper. See ya soon!
--Bry (shakinah454)

First Entry ! Whee !
User ImageYoYo! This is shakinah454 typing up my first journal entry for your reading pleasure! I'm kinda new to this sort of thing so please bear with me. I type online a lot but it's never about myself.
Well, good to meetcha. I'm a bright, intelligent young woman, in my mid-teens and I live somewhere in the huge USA. I'm currently in my sophomore year of High School. My english teacher says that 'sophomore' means 'wise fool' or something like that. Not sure if I should believe her, or what. My high school is pretty small, we're in class 3A currently, down from 4A last year. I love school with a burning passion. Yes, i'm a nerd. But I prefer to be called a band geek, 'cause that's my favorite class. :B Derp. Among my interests are music, anime, manga, writing, reading, ROLEPLAYING, math, and interestingenough- but I'm not going to tell you what that is. Hopefully my little blog here isn't going to be as boring as what one would think.

As you might have noticed, I'm big into roleplaying. I do a lot of proboards forums, though not as many as I used to. I call myself Bry on there, or saltyninesix if you have a chatango box. razz Sometimes I might share here my ideas and things. Like, for instance, my plague of Chupacabra-weres I like to put out there on forum boards. All of them are equally epic and all of them are pretty much evilly aligned. Also, my obsession with Jeremy Renner Canons. Who can't love him? He's so epic. I try to watch every movie I can with him in it. Who cares if Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is gonna be rated R? I can handle lots of blood. And slicing, and pulverising, and goring, and burning of witches left and right. It's no problem.
Anyways, I gotta get back to my roleplaying. I've wasted enough time as it is. Tata for now ~!
--- Bry, aka shakinah454

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