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Hello, all. I am Shakinah454. This is my domain. Don't tread any further than you want to. I don't encourage visitors. Well, actually I do. The lovely man above is my favorite superhero ever, Cole "Grifter" Cash, now a part of the DC stable but once belonging to Image Comics. I think the actual drawing is a fanart representation; if it is a genuine Jim Lee I apologise.


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BRY'S JOURNAL. No Peeking.

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You can always tell any of my journal entries because of this little guy. He's cute, isn't he? I love him to death. His name is Wing XIII. Hopefully that won't bring any bad luck, eh?

The top-secret journal of Bry, also known as shakinah454. NO PEEKING PLEASE! Well, it's actually pretty hard not to, is it? Oh well then. Go ahead. read if you want. But my life is SO not interesting at all.


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hi how r u? biggrin


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