So I decided to spend my day off at my dad's house. Of course he's in an a**hole mood and is collecting my things that I have at his house in order to throw them out or sell them. This f***ing a**hole every so often decides that he has too much sh*t in his house and starts throwing out everything including other people's things. He used to do this all the time to my mom and I when I was growing up even though we lived there and had no where else to keep our things. Now he just throws away my dead mother's things like it is nothing. And he won't clean house the whole time I'm gone, then when I come to visit on my one day off he decides that it's time to clean house and that I should help even though I don't even live there. So I get to do his dishes, then go home and do my roommates' dishes. I just want a little "me time." I have to wait on and please people at work all day. I just want a little time to relax by myself and not have to feel like my things and my space are being threatened. I already have enough problems with anxiety as it is and then there's plenty more at work and on top of all that he has to do this sh*t. stressed