I finally acquired a job working as a cashier at a store I had been trying to get into and it looks like I might finally be getting back on track. I had a moment where I wasn't myself this past winter/early spring followed by a period of depression that resulted in me dropping out of school only a week or two before the semester would have ended. After that I found myself running wild in some sort of rebellion against the identity I had taken on and the activities I had been participating in at the beginning of the year. At the same time, I had just switched jobs from the math tutor positions I had had at the university to working in a dairy shack. Unfortunately, during this period of rebellion I had also been experiencing problems with anxiety that were magnified by added stresses at the dairy shack where with hardly any training I was given keys and codes and made to run the shack and train others below me when I wasn't even trained myself. Needless to say, what I had hoped to be a part time job to bridge the gap while I was on the mend, resulted in me having a nervous breakdown after which I never returned to the dairy shack.

Since then, I have been holed up in my attic apartment for the past month with the exception of a weekend spent up north with some friends. But now I feel like I might be ready to come out, like this cashiering position is just what needed right now to get me back on my feet without stressing me out too much for minimum wage. I hope all goes well, but I feel like I know it will.