Ya know, I'm actually feeling kinda depressed. Truth be told, I don't... really know why. sweatdrop I just am. I'd like to talk to my friend Britt about it, but I don't think she's home, and I don't want to bug her and be all-out gloomy on her and spoil her day of off-school time.

Anyways, how are you all? You're probably not here, or have stopped reading this by now. Depressing stuff bums me, too, ya know. Can't really help the way I feel.

Um... yea. I guess I could highlight my organization. That would be good right about now.

I am in the organization called: "02's magical defenders".

I am currently the: Plushie commander. Not to make myself sound important, I'm just very proud to be in 02's Magical Defenders, but I am commander #4, I think. 3nodding I've had people call me "plushie lady", seriously. sweatdrop I'm happy about it, cuz it means people are actually looking at my sig and seeing my organization.

It is currently: Enlisting. So if ya like 02/Narf, come on down and join up.


Made the photo/cards for my organization. It's fun. And CrazyNinjaFox is really cool. He's the head honcho, so you'll have to talk to him about joining. whee Then I'll make you a card, too.

We are opposed to the: Gaian Resistance. sweatdrop No joke. They don't like the Zurg, and that includes, as far as I am aware, cute and innocent 02. So, CrazyNinjaFox-sama says we're against them. As a member of the organization, I thereby agree.

Got my pixie, and I'm happy, in a happy/depressed way. Now I think I'll go to bed now, cuz I'm very, tired today.

(to the tune of "Oh My Darlin' Clemantine" wink