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Hey everyone. ^^ I figured I'm pretty much due for this, so here it is.

Name: Kayla.

Location: United States

Favorites out of all Favorites: twilight by Stephanie Meyers, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, blue, dinner= pork, saurkraut, and neap, and anime/manga.

Age: 16

Mood over all: Generous, and happy

Log-on status: Daily

Hobbies: I draw. I've gotten A LOT better, and maybe some time soon I'll put some pics up in here... I also write, and read. I have an account on www.fanfiction.net as AnimeFire03, and an account on www.theotaku.com also under the name of AnimeFire03. I'm currently writing a tradegy/love fanfic on fanfiction between Kagome and Inuyasha.

Hey, Zeph, where does your name come from?
My friends and I were writing a story, and one of my characters was named "Zephym". I wanted a really out of nowhere name, and that's the one I chose.

Does it mean anything?
As far as I know, no. It was a spur of the moment name, and I used it for my character. I was writing the story while I was making an account here, so I figured I'd use it here too. If it does, and anyone would like to elaborate on it, then go ahead. ^^

So, you could have been named something else?
Yes, I could of. But I didn't want to have to do something like "Kayla112", I wanted a username all to myself, away from the crowd, if you will. No one was named Zephym, which is why I liked it. ^^

You Host a Giveaway?
Yes, it's a Water Meat Giveaway. I know Water Meat aren't the most expensive things in the world, but I really like them. ^^ Dementedly, I've named the one on my head "Blue Fluff." It's a bit sad and crazy, so I would rather not go any further.

Things Donated to Zephym:

Silver Promise Ring
Sapphire forehead jewel
Classic record earrings
Grey Beret
Black Paintbrush
Thank you letter for October 2007
Pearl Earrings
40K :blushes

Thank you to everyone who made my current avi possible, and helped we also with my old avi. It is appreciated and will never be forgotten!!!!

That covers about everything, for now. ^^


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Anything and Everything

Lol. I guess I plan to write about... erm... thing I find interesting?


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Apollonaut Report | 09/24/2011 6:14 am
Thanks for the purchase <3
WingGoddess23 Report | 07/06/2010 1:15 pm
Haha right?

and Im doing well! just you know.. around gaia when I can, I mostly work so I spend my time at my job.
WingGoddess23 Report | 07/05/2010 2:13 pm
heylong time no talk, how are you doing?
settlefish Report | 04/04/2010 12:29 pm
it was a joke
get it?
cause i'm a guy sweatdrop

that sounds cool
settlefish Report | 04/04/2010 12:31 am
3 jobs burning_eyes
what were/are they?

i don't buy dresses online...
sorry sweatdrop

umm i just wanted 2 ninja
settlefish Report | 04/04/2010 12:19 am
yea sureeeee...

u must be rich surprised

almost nothin
that's kinda sad
moved to las vegas & i'm in homeschool now

how about you?
probably a whole lot
settlefish Report | 04/04/2010 12:12 am
yea lol
wasn't expecting you

you must buy buy BUY
they'll have a gold shop update eventually...

yea they always come back smile

i kinda turned into one of those people who type messed up on purpose
i'll keep that hidden away from you...

for now lol
settlefish Report | 04/04/2010 12:01 am
where have you been? lol

i'm fine
just doodling and listening to music
settlefish Report | 09/28/2009 8:26 pm

i started school and stuff
starts at 7:00am
really lame

how are you?
settlefish Report | 08/12/2009 9:25 pm
i'm really good. smile


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