1) I drove up to a small fast food restaurant with 3 or 4 workers still inside the building ( It looked a little like a MC Donald's but off slightly. )

It was a late night the moon was shining, I went to order from the window an a worker said they were closed. I was unhappy and climbed on the buildings roof an started flying around a bit ( Gliding/ Flying? ) tey were amused an came out to talk to me a bit.

2) I watched a guy jump/turn out of a catapult device an parachut dow from a great heigth in the sky an then land in a pool behind a residential house in a small town below him.

3) I watched a young daredevil preform feats of skill, knocking a sword thrown at him down with a hammer, juggling 4 or 5 small carving knivesfrom one hand to the other......

All of this down while both hands had toothpicks held tightly around them like a glove.

Got water an used bathroom

I laid in bed a few minutes till my clock alarm wet off.