A few scattered dreams again, nothing to special, almost like watching a slide-show pretty much.

5 - 6 Hours Sleep

No Control, just kinda watched.

1) A waking dream, Im in bed and my Mom comes in to wake me early for some reason, I yell at her through my C-pap mask.

I am asleep I know I am as the perspective is all off from where I was and laying in bed in the dream.

2) I was flying around ( Under my own power? Gliding? ) being a pest to everyone I spotted. Stopping to pester and annoy each and everyone one of them.

Trying to land on thier head, trip them, or otherwise pull pranks on them.

3) Alone, in a dark place that is very quite and lonely. I am stuck there somehow, sitting inthat place stuck alone.

4) Im driving, to nowhere. Im alone again and no idea where Im going or why Im going there.

Pointlessly driving away.

Its night time and the outside is generic nature, forest, fields ...ect.