Are you as conflicted as I am, regarding the Impeachment Trial? I’ve been trying to watch some of it live and have been reading the condensed versions on multiple sites. The evidence certainly seems overwhelming however, the Republicans and some of the media are consistently saying the evidence is weak. Additionally, how can you have a fair and legal trial without all necessary documents and witnesses? I’m not sure why they even have a vote regarding the matter. Its baffling.
I am the furthest thing from an expert, but my personal take is, he’s guilty of the charges and could have potentially damaged our good standing with Ukraine, who we need as allies to keep the Russians at bay. Will he be removed from office? Doubtful. The trial doesn’t seem quite worth it, because being acquitted will only fuel Trump’s already overinflated ego and be his major focus while campaigning. “I won”, he’ll say. “I was perfect”. We’ll never hear the end of it. Also, what if he IS removed? Is Pence any better?
Trump’s presidency has certainly exposed the many flaws in our government and voting system. The trial leaves me feeling unprotected, as a citizen. The House and Senate are supposed to be representatives for the people. For us, not their own party and not the president. In fact, it was mentioned yesterday the Founding Fathers set up our system so they would be the president’s rivals, to keep him in check. I mean McConnell has openly said “I am not an impartial juror”. What!? At any other trial, he would be removed upon that statement being heard. How and why are they able to seemingly make the rules up, as they go along? How is Trump able to block certain documents and subpoenas for witnesses who have first-hand knowledge? Why is Giuliani, a private lawyer, in the know regarding Foreign Affairs?
Not much is making sense and it certainly doesn’t feel very Democratic. In a true democracy, shouldn’t the public have the vote? I feel most of us could be more objective than the majority of the Senate.
...and meanwhile, Russia is sitting back with a giant tub of popcorn watching the show and laughing. Our focus should be elsewhere.