If I could write Jet & Cygnus's backstory, I'd be so happy. Even if I could get some of my headcanons to be canon, that's be, like, so cool. I still love them so much.

I wrote that if Jet & Cygnus stopped being shopkeeper (and I hope they don't), that Jet would go back into space and Cygnus would stay on Gaia. And that Cygnus would get a new job alongside Lance as the mail person. Can you imagine just a bunch of buff dudes handing you mail? p nice if you ask me.

Edit: The only npc I wrote for in the "NPC profile tool" is Jet & Cygnus, obviously.

I didn't write any dialogue because it's my weak spot in writing, but I really only thought about backstory for them. The ones I wrote for were future and past backgrounds.. and now they're both there.

No one will vote for it, I just know it.. redface sweatdrop

I was checking out other NPCs and I should have put something longer. Oooh, I can still edit it. I might add something to it and maybe other NPCs later. Didn't do that. I've been busy.