Did you hear tumblr is banning adult content? No joke, but it sure sounds like one. I wish it went in the other direction and became an 18+ website. My blog is a SFW multifandom blog so I might be safe from being deleted and I don't plan on leaving just yet. But tumblr is known as a hellsite and has been deleting anybody. While I don't post adult content, a lot of my favorite artist did post nsfw things-- a few of them were already deleted. Some of them moved platforms. Like, I might have to make a twitter account and I really don't want to. I have issues with a lot of sites and I'd rather not grovel back to those places. Sure, I came back to Gaia.. but how long am I going to be here?

I know Gaia doesn't allow adult content, as it started out that way, and I'm glad about that. I don't post anything too risque. Lol, but remember Tentacl? My only memories of that site now is the n***s people posted. God. At least it was an 18+ website. Actually, my favorite memory about Tentacl was that one NSFW drawing of Cygnus. That was great.

Also, an update on a humanized star being Jet! Thoughts?
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I was opening different rigs and came across Dark Reflection and saw the one were Rufus was human and Ian was a cat. I was already thinking up concepts of a humanized Jet, but Cygnus as a cat would be.. kind of funny. I know some people don't like Cygnus for his melancholic disposition, but imagining a tiny cat telling people the world is going to end and that nothing matters is just.. funny to me.

If you didn't see it already, Neo Yokio's christmas special, titled Pink Christmas, is out! God, its soooo good. I think this special might bring in more fans to the show. Its an hour long, but its worth it. I don't want to spoil it, so I'll just say this: I wish it was canon. And I believe a season 2 was also confirmed, but no date mentioned. Season 2 hasn't been confirmed. I was thinking of the stuff mentioned prior to the christmas specials release, so it could have been just that. But I think Pink Christmas brought in more audience to Neo Yokio, so hopefully we do S2. You guys should watch it and come ship Kaz/Archangelo with me. (wink)

South Park has one (1) more episode this season. Its definitly going to focus on the bike parade and hopefully the boys are going to play a big part! I can't help but imagine all the things that might go wrong. Its going to be great. Its actually kind of sad that next year, 2019, will be the final season. But I know its time. I hope after South Park ends, they make another movie. That would be a nice send-off imo.

OK. Happy holidays and happy new year, you guys. byyye.