To introduce, yes, I literally just called this universe "fantasy2", because I wasn't sure where I was going with this. I basically rebooted the four-world universe for reuse, but in this iteration, the Immortal world is the focus. And it focuses more in detail as well.

For this sub-series, I'll probably be skipping some details since I've mentioned them before in Plots! Plots! entries from like, 2016. We'll discuss the plotline in a later post, but here are some character designs.

Quick summary: there are eight clans. Wizards and Sorcerers. Spellbinders. Summoners. Potioners. Seers. Magicians. And Lurkers, the clan this post is actually about.

The Lurkers are a dark-side clan. They are mysterious and few. One must truly love to hide in the darkness to become a lurker. They are masters of illusion and manipulation. Common powers include being able to project almost-tangible illusions onto another Immortal and manipulating one's dreams into nightmares. They are often hired as assassins or used as scouts, but most Lurkers only serve their clan and no others. One common trait shared by all members of this clan is the ability to melt into shadows and completely disappear, and reappear in another shadow, given that both shadows are large enough to consume one's entire body.