He was roused from a dreamless sleep by the sound of a beautiful harmony. Chris stirred, a loose spring from the worn mattress digging into his shoulder. With a groan, he pushed himself up, rubbing his eyes and stumbling to the window.

"What is that?" Jack mumbled from the top bunk, squinting as Chris pulled open the curtains. The rays of sunrise stung his vision as he looked out at the purple hues painting the skyline.

Below, citizens of the Voices had joined outside their homes and shops, singing. Their velveteen multicoloured robes shone in the light of the rising sun, as elegant as their resonant four part harmony.

"Alto wasn't kidding," Chris murmured. For the people of the Voice, the day started at sunrise and ended at sunset. And miraculously, the people began their day with a song, reminding them that they are one united force.