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Amara [Knight Mage]
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Amara, meaning; paradise. It was given to her by her loving parent's who were born and raised in the Isle of Rhea. It said that the Isle of Rhea is the most beautiful place to visit. Their beautiful fauna and flora were a sight to see. It was paradise, and to them Amara was just that. Things were looking up for Amara's family, and same could be said for the villager's of Rhea.

One faithful day Amara's world would turn upside down, as the Isle of Rhea were under attacked. A tribe of murderous thieves came to shore and plagued the island. The people of Rhea weren't the best of fighter's, but they had talent when using magic. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to stop their raid. Amara's parents', to protect her, placed her on a dinghy and sent it sailing along with a protection spell that would hopefully keep her safe away from harm.

Years past, about 10 to be exact, and Amara had grown in a beautiful woman, but not just that. In the 10 years she was raised, she was trained very hard by her adopted father, who was a retired knight. Who wielded and combined magic with his armor weapons. She'd constantly fought her 'father' which in this case 'teacher' and lost several times, but after so many years she soon learned everything there was to teach her as she had finally become as equal or even better then him.

"I believe you are ready to be on your own chil-- Amara. You are no longer a child, in my eyes you are now someone to be reckon with. What will you do now Amara?" Her father questioned her.

Amara never knew of what had happened to her family since the day she left Isle of Rhea. She could vaguely remember her parents' faces. She looked out to the sunset, "I want to become even stronger, not just in power, but in mind as well. I want to find out what happened to my home, back in Rhea. No one around here knows anything about it, so I must go out searching for information. While I do, I will also fight anyone who gets in my way. I leave when the sun rises fist thing tomorrow." And she did.She gave her farewell and went on foot.

Another five years past, Amara now 20 years of age, looked differently than when she left her second home with her father. Her beauty caught many an eye, especially since her attire was very little coverage, especially for one who was suppose to be a knight mage. Many attempted to woo her, and when all attempts failed they'd tried by force. Honestly, a big mistake on their part. In only mere seconds they were sent flying. Amara did like the idea of settling down, but at the moment she had a task in hand. To find out what became of the Isle of Rhea.

Amara had over heard some news about a ship not too far from where she was, that was ready to set sail to several islands. However, what interested her more was that, that very ship was to pass by a haunted Isle. That no one dared to go ashore it for fear of death. Many said that the Isle was haunted after a raid that happened 15 years ago. It had to be the Isle of Rhea! It was going to be a long shot but it was one she was willing to take. This was all she had to go by, and she was not going to lose this opportunity!

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