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"I'm terribly sorry little one, but I can't keep you. I hope you could forgive me," A woman spoke softly to the infant in her arms. She cried and embraced it one last time as she placed her in a basket. "Goodbye," She said and she was gone leaving the baby alone in the forest to fend for it self, but how could she. After a while the little one began to stir and began to cry softly at first. She looked at her surroundings and she felt scared. Her cries got louder and louder. 5 minutes. 30 minutes. Then an hour had past, and she still cried wondering where her mother had gone. Why no one was there to make her feel safe. Then the little infant caught a sight of a light. Her cries became louder and louder hoping the light would find her.

"What's this I hear?" A mans voice is heard. The light got closer and closer and soon enough a man appeared in front of the child. "O Lord- a baby!" He goes to it quickly, "It's all right little one. Your safe now," He said to the little one as he picked her up and smiled. The infant looked up to this man and stopped her crying and smiled brightly. She was safe.

The man too her back to his village and arrived at his home. "Dana I'm home!" He spoke and his wife Dana came out from the kitchen, and behind her a little boy followed. He looked no more than 2 years of age, "Honey, I was starting to worry. Did you bring the herb-- huh?" Her words were interrupted as she heard the infants giggles. "I found this little one in the forest. She was all alone crying my love. Shall we keep her?" He asked her with a smile as he showed his wife the baby.

Dana looked at her husband, and then at the baby and as she locked on eyes with her, her heart melted and immediately attended to her. "Mama?" The little boy called out to his mother, and Dana smiled down at her son, "Say hello to your knew baby sister. I think I'll call her Rae." The boy looked at his mother and looked at the infant in her arms. Rae looked at the boy and burst into giggles again and the boy smiled back happily accepting her.

As time past Rae grew up into a lovely young lady, but she wasn't like most people. No; Rae was in fact an a dark elf, so imagine how the villagers acted when they had found out that the Sunre family took in a elf child as their own. At first they weren't too happy about it, but as time past they learned to live with it.

Rae; followed the law's of humans not knowing anything from her kind, but even if she didn't know she was very happy in her home with her family. Her father; Roy, a blacksmith, her mother; Dana; a healer, and medicine maker, and then there was her elder brother. After he was born unfortunately Dana could not have any more children, so when Roy had come home with Rae it was as if God was sending her a miracle, so they adopted her into the family.

Rae looked up to the sun as she placed a hand to cover it slightly away from her eyes, but still enjoyed the rays of the bright lit sun. "I can't believe 18 years has come and gone already. Time sure flies...I wonder..." She paused, "What life has in store for me?"

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