Today I am getting all my things packed for I am taking several of my beloved friends back to my homeworld (mom's house) Where we will spend our time beatings the heat in the lake for swimming in. I am currently packing many things and making a shopping list for when we visit the wal-mart.

Shopping list
flattened meat disks (burgers)
Round bread (buns)
Extract of moo monsters (cheese)
product of meat goo (hot dogs)
Chocolate that is difficult to swallow (charleston chews)
Fuel for the cooking of meats (propane)
protection for the harsh Tamaranien sun (sunscreen)
repellent of lorflaks (bugspray)
Chocolate beverage that makes you dizzy and happy (kalua mudslides)
Minty beverage that really makes you dizzy too much so that happiness may not be viable (peppermint shnapps)
Whaddup kittencat? (catsup/ketchup)
Fruit teas of the western part of the united states (arizona teas)

Non-shopping list
ipad for enjoyment of netflix
cellular telephone for catching of the magikarp
dirty garments, doubling the use of my trip to do laundry
several bits of money to spend at the new lake tavern. Hopefully they will have pizza

I have most high hopes for this trip. I will report how it goes^.^