It was not the civil war, it was the revolutionary war. I still go up to people telling them about the civil war re-enactment, forgetting it was revolution. It was red coats vs. rebels and we had lots of fun.

We climbed the trail with the overlook, but it is a lot better in the fall apparently, because when the trees nolonger have leaves, it's quite the spectacular view. Anywho, there was a lot of splosions and people dying, it was so fun to watch the battle.

After the battle we took the river boat, There was a speaker talking about the history of the river and such, but I was obsessed with staring at the various river plants and turtles and fish.

We made our ways to the gift shop before having to go. I bought like 100 dollars worth of thick chocolatey goodness (fudge)

I do hope to be able to go again one day. All the information about earth's wars and it's people were fascinating.