The major city on the planet of Andromeda is the capitol city of Adhil. It is there that the palace is located and there where a good chunk of the civilization dwells. Cities are bustling with life and activity and the buildings are nearly built one on top of the other, looking much as if they have been carved out of the same bit of rock. Smooth, multi-colored glass decorates the facades of many homes and businesses, some even going as far as to make intricate patterns and designs.

In the center of the maelstrom of activity sits the palace. The palace is a large, glistening spire that is made out of a whitish, opalescent stone. The bottom floors are decorated in the same colored glass that mostly every other domicile is. A few stories higher there is a large balcony and it is from there that the Imperial Queen delivers edicts and speeches for all of the subjects of the city to bear witness to.

The very first floor is open to the general public and they are free to come and go as they wish during the hours that the Imperial Queen takes court to address her subjects.

There are several major holidays on planet Andromeda but the largest are the festivals of the Winter Solstice and the Summer Equinox.

The Summer Equinox is the bigger of the two celebrations. The masses come out in droves to celebrate with parades, traditional foods (the most popular of which is comparable to fairy bread), and festivals that last all day and night. Generally workers have off for three days in order to celebrate - one day to get ready, the day of the holiday to celebrate, and the day after to recover from the festivities.

The Winter Solstice may be smaller but it seems to be the more popular of the two holidays. Although the weather is mild all year round on Andromeda there is still a cooler season and the people of the planet use the longest day of their year as a time for being close with their families. This holiday is all about togetherness of the family unit but there are festivals thrown in the city of Adhil up until the day of the solstice and the royal family holds a masquerade ball on the night of.

The planet Andromeda is one of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest in the Sirrah star system. Not only does the planet openly trade with the other planets located close to it but, being home of the Imperial Queen, Andromeda is bustling with folks migrating to be closer and bringing their riches with them.

Still, despite this evident wealth, there are those who live in poverty though the government takes care of basic needs like education, healthcare, and even offers a base income for those struggling to get by. Still there is enough poverty that there is a teeny, tiny undercurrent of those unhappy with the way the Imperial Queen is running the show.

The currency is bits of copper, silver, gold, and small gemstones.