The planet Andromeda is the closest to the star Sirrah (at least the closest planet that facilitates life). The world is one of eternal youth, beauty, health, and abundance. The weather around the palace in particular is like that of late spring and early summer - pleasantly warm and sunny with few rainy days. The earth itself is fertile and many wildflowers, plants, trees, fruits, and vegetables grow there. Large, placid bodies of fresh water dot the land and waterfalls are not an uncommon feature in the landscape.

The Royal Family
Andromeda's government is a matriarchal monarchy and the line of the throne is passed along from Imperial Queen to Imperial Princess. Andromeda is also the royal family name and each heir apparent is bestowed with it upon their birth. The royals of this family are also the overarching rulers of the entire Sirrah star system but have a council of the other queens from the various planets within to help govern.

In addition to ruling over the denizens of the Sirrah star system the Imperial Queen has the added responsibility of keeping the Essence of Sirrah protected and maintained. Only those with a starseed from the planet Andromeda can wield, energize, and keep the Essence safe.

The inhabitants of the planet Andromeda are blessed with a long life and what seems like an everlasting youth and beauty. They have features that resemble the fair folk of Earthling folklore; they are tall and attractive with fantastical hair colors. Those of the noble and royal house often have fairylike wings as well. The clothing is very diaphanous and often sheer. Since the weather is so mild and earth so soft most do not wear shoes in their day to activities. Common motifs on clothing are rainbows, celestial bodies, and iridescent color shifts. They also love accessories, the big three being shiny gemstones, flowers, and ribbons.

As a whole the society is literate and enjoys an education system that teaches lessons up until the human equivalent of 12th grade. There is a focus on mathematics, science, and the arts though more practical things are taught as well, such as agriculture and more commonplace activities that prepare a student to go into menial labor if that is what they wish.