A vegetable hybrid between a chili pepper and a cucumber, thus named Chili Peppered Cucumbers... or cucumbered chili peppers. Regardless of these two variations, they do have the same effects involving the spiciness from within. These vegetables were first discovered in places such as Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Brazil before they were brought to the United States and then distributed worldwide. The effects of these vegetables are proven to be a few times more powerful than an ordinary chili pepper, though they do carry the same effects as an ordinary cucumber such as hydration, flushing out toxins, slight weight loss, and so on.

Chili peppered cucumbers are mostly cucumber-like on the outside but chili peppered on the inside. Cucumbered chili peppers are the exact opposite, being chili peppers on the outside but cucumber flesh on the inside. They can be the same size as ordinary cucumbers or chili peppers, though the longest one discovered was measured to 18 inches in length.

These vegetables have a very strong spice when consumed alone, as eating one can result in a burning sensation within the stomach, which is actually very harmless. The burning-like sensation in the user's stomach is in fact a sign that the spices are further strengthening the stomach's mucus and enzymes, allowing the person to digest even the most rotten kinds of food---one who eats this vegetable first and then meat off a rotten animal carcass sitting in the middle of a road will actually feel no negative health effects in spite of the bacteria. It also further increases the chances of weight loss; to remove the burning effect in the stomach after eating this vegetable, one must exercise for at least two hours minimum. Eating any other foods after consuming this vegetable can result in excessive amounts of uncomfortable flatulence.

Like ordinary peppers, one must always be careful and take care not to rub their faces after touching these, especially around the eyes. Even the scent of it especially in hot water can be very irritating, but otherwise results in temporarily blindness for a decent period of time. Heck, their effects are actually even strong enough to revive an elderly person suffering a stroke or a heart attack.

There's a secret study that chili peppered cucumbers can extend one's lifespan by 20 more years if eaten for the first time, although the odds of that are always 1 in 17 billion. There are also reports where these vegetables were crafted into explosives back in the old days, which is why it's illegal in the past. In fact, a chili peppered cucumber that is completely dark-gold is actually very illegal, though the odds of growing it are always 1 in 20 billion---they can't be eaten but one can light the tips like a fuse before tossing it like a grenade or molotov; once exploded, the particles can be very fatal if one inhales them by accident, as it can result in asphyxiation, extreme blindness, and even severe bronchitis. If it gets into the nasal cavity, the particles can work their way up to the brain, which can result in an instant coma for a few years.