Average Lifespan: 40 years

Average horizontal speed: 60-65 km/h

Max horizontal speed: 87 km/h

Average Diving Speed: 142 km/h

Max air speed: 167 km/h

Average Wingspan: 4-5 meters

Height: 70-85 centimeters

Weight: Around 33-45 lbs

Bottlenecked direvultures are one of the most dangerous birds, possibly more dangerous than an average king vulture. Unlike ordinary birds, especially other species of vultures, this kind of bird has slightly stronger feathers that can't be plucked off too easily. They can be removed, although it would take time before the flesh weakens when a direvulture ends up being killed. Strangely, despite their feathers not being easily pulled off, their flesh is somewhat easily torn open when killed. To weaken the strength of its feathers, one must run the carcass under hot water so that the feathers can easily be plucked off.

These birds usually thrive in the desert areas like buzzards, although they seem to be everywhere, as they tend to harass and attack other random people for no reason whatsoever. Heck, they're so relentless that they will go as far as attacking infants and even household pets, thus they are mostly seen as a nuisance to society. Luckily, these vultures are in fact a good source of food, as it was actually legal to kill one. Their meat is actually very delicious when cooked before eaten, although despite the bacteria, they can be somewhat tasty when consumed raw, though they have to be covered in certain sauces for it to have a better quality.

A bottlenecked direvulture tends to be very smart, even in numbers. Similar to ordinary seagulls, if they see something they can treat as food, they will usually wait for their victims to leave or otherwise turn the other way before they swoop in to collect their prizes. Besides the flesh of other corpses, these birds also enjoy snacking on bags of chips, even going as far as attacking the shopkeepers head on to take things by force. The most common way of attacking would be to pluck out the eyes of their victims. Even if one was smart enough to wear goggles before trying to fight and kill these birds, one vulture can try to distract the human by pulling the goggles while the second can go right for the eyes. Furthermore, their claws/talons are actually sharp, even a direvulture is strong enough to carry a decent-sized animal carcass.

Since they're also hunted by humans, direvultures are often seen in most prison yards. They can be extremely territorial, often attacking other inmates and even COs. One inmate had actually managed to trap and kill these said birds during his sentence, as he is capable of cooking and eating them afterwards---a single bottlenecked direvulture has enough meat to last a single person for at least three days, maybe five if he/she is on a diet. The guards are actually aware of what he was doing, but because they found it so bizarre, they simply left him alone for it; even the prison inmates seemed disgusted by what he was doing, but he could care less as he knows they've never actually tasted one. What's more interesting is that their eggs are just as edible as the egg of a turtle or even an ordinary chicken for that matter---the average size of a direvulture egg is in fact two to three times larger than that of a chicken egg, though keeping them in cold temperatures can actually make the shells a bit more difficult to crack despite killing the embryos from within. Their meat is very greasy and somewhat high in fat while it is in fact tasty.