Some people have short limbs... Some have long.
Some have big, and/or long feet, and/or hands; while others have small, and/or short.
Some have long, or short torsos.
Some have large heads, and some have small ones.

Yet, there are rules about what's considered correct that are based on averages.

For example, your feet should be the length of your forearms from heel, to tippy toes. I have that, with correctly proportioned forearms, giving me a size 5, or 6 shoe depending on the source of shoe at 5' 2." Yet, I have first cousins once removed whom are shorter than me but size 9, or 10 depending on the shoe source.
Now, I'm wondering if they're dwarves... Or, if they'll grow into their feet... Or, what.
I have no ill judgements about the matter, but there are words for it when one is "disproportional."
Maybe hobbits are real... :-/

And, I know a dwarf family in denial, whom are only a little bit dwarfy by height, but definitely dwarfy by limb length. Now, I'm realizing they're probably supposed to be tall.

But, I don't think it's a matter of correct, and incorrect.
I think it comes from mixing short & small, with big & tall.
(That's what happened among my big-footed cousins. They've got big, and small genes from different sources. (But, I remain wondering... Are they undiagnosed dwarves?))

Here's where it gets weird, though...When "disproportionate" people think they're normal, and actually live not noticing they have uncommon proportions to their bodies. Or, they notice, but they pretend they're normal, and hope you don't notice.
My cousins think their huge feet are normal. -_- Because there's a bunch of them with the same exact weird feature of huge feet, and they mostly interact with eachother, thus normalizing it in their minds by not comparing it to normal people (outside their immediate family). It's not just affecting the ones among them with it either, but also the ones without it who have similar foot sizes while taller. -_-
It's a niche of people in my family, and among family friends who think that specific large foot sizes are normal for 11+year-olds no matter their height, and no matter the gender. And, they think this just because there's tallness in their families causing those foot sizes in both tall, and short members of the two close families.

Having a weird body happens... So does not knowing that it's weird, but that's even weirder, because people will usually notice or be told when something's weird about them.

These kids are barely coming to know that they're physically weird at late ages from how their family is. lol
And, I'm out of touch with the current generation of kids, so I have to wonder if this is normal in their generation. If it's normal for them to be close with family, and family friends' kids making it so weird bits get normalized in their minds.
If this s normal, it'll be a lot harder to teach ethics, and normalcy to their generation.

Something I have noticed that's normal for kids today... Piercings they will grow up to regret because their parents with piercings encouraged it.