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External Memory Process Trinary Executor Engine
Case file 53
Entry 1

User ImageWell, here I am. Another case, another dark night, another spooky location. Oh, and rain. Can't forget the damn rain. Well, I've been out in worse, but the weather looks like it's going to get worse. It figures, but just another day in my life.

Chewing idly on the end of an unlit Lucky, I shone my flashlight around the small courtyard. A dead-looking tree rose up in front of me, while other greenery was overgrown from longtime neglect. While things looked normal, there was a feeling about the place that I decided that drawing my trusty pistol sounded like a good idea. No need to go pointing everywhere though, but the feel of the handle in my palm was comforting.

As the rain dripped off the brim of my fedora, I looked up at the facade of the castle or manor or whatever this placed was referred to as in the past. Now it was in a state of decay, though it mostly seemed structurally sound. 'Course, looks can be deceiving, so final judgement would wait until I got a look inside, and it was a forgone conclusion I'd be going in. It was unlikely this case was gonna solve itself just by me doing a once-around the exterior.

Shaking my head, I headed through the archway out of the courtyard back to my car. Better make sure I had the necessities before going in and to make sure the vehicle was nice and secured. Funny thing,cars had a tendency to get wrecked or go missing. 'S why I spent the extra effort on this one to make it more than the standard model, so t' speak. Heh, much like my suit. White as a cloud, but untainted by any of the muddy water I've been trodding through. Dry, too.

Gotta love bein' able to do practical magic, eh?

'Course, most people don't believe in magic, nor that the bogeymen of their stories might actually be real. Hell, they think my ears and tail are a quirk of dress, though they're real as th' rest of me. Mostly I keep them hidden under a glamor though, helps smooths things over a bunch. Anyway, I've a reputation in the PI business as someone who gets things done. The cases others won't touch? Give 'em to me, I've got resources th' regulars guys don't. Fact is, those are the sorts of cases I do get, 'cause...well, people think I'm odd, even if I hide th' fact I'm not your plain 'nilla human. Desperation causes people to consider things they might not otherwise though, and hey, it pays the bills, what do I care? The repeat customers I get though are nice, as well as the ones that send new business my way.

Anyway, let's just say the car can protect itself well enough 'gainst most things. I'm not fool enough to say all things though. That's a good way to get yourself killed, assuming stuff like that.

With my field kit that holds my tools of the trade tucked under my suit jacket, not to mention plenty of extra ammunition in the pockets, I made sure my car was locked before heading back towards the foreboding edifice. From my investigations so far and what the client had told me, the girl I'm looking for had traveled here about ten days ago. Supposedly they knew how to handle themselves should things have got sticky, so the lack of contact was of some concern to my client.

You know that means that I'm likely walkin' into some deep s**t with a case background like that right? Well, they're payin' good money, and life ain't fun without a little risk, right? Besides that, couldn't just let this one go idly by on moralistic grounds. By all accounts, the missing girl is a player in helping keep the dirty element of the supernatural side of things in check. I'm not sayin' I'm here to rescue a damsel in distress, I'm here to find someone who helps fight the good fight.

Well, okay, maybe a little bit of damsel in distress. Can't let a dame in trouble like this go without tryin' at the least.

I chuckled a bit to myself as I walked back through the archway into the courtyard, Lucky cigarette chomped between my teeth. I could have lit it, but the weather would have made it soggy as a frog's bottom and not worth th' effort. Besides, tryin' to quit the habit, but it was nice t' have in the mouth all the same. Also, the smell could give me away, too, if I had to hide.

Once again, that feeling that went beyond the normal senses that there was something wrong here made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and probably a little bit on my tail, too. Nothing came at me though as I headed toward the covered porch where the front doors waited for me. Once out of the rain, I paused long enough to knock off as much of the water from myself before peering around closely for any clues. Nothin', sadly, but I woulda been surprised if there had been anything.

With a shake of my head, I examined the door itself. Heavy, but unlocked. I pushed it open gingerly, wary of anything that might lay in wait on the other side or setting off some trap. Happens more often than ya might think in this line of work. Again, nothing dangerous presented itself, nor could I sniff out anything as the air from inside reached my nostrils, not that it was exactly a pleasant odor.

Taking a breath, I mutter, "Well, here I go..." and entered the building...
Entry 2

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