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Chara profile(s?)
Username: AnCatDubh

Character name: Len Aidyn Kian

Character age: Appears to be 11-12 (Really is 15)

Height/Weight: 4'7"/68 lbs

Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Len can always be found with an mp3 player and a portable game console. He typically has a distant expression that somehow seems on the serene side. He has a fondness for wearing hoodies, be they thin-cloth for warmer weather or thick for cold weather.

Race: Human

Powers: Nascent time manipulation. Len is totally unaware he possesses the ability, though it is the reason why he's stuck looking like he's barely hit puberty. It's also how he can churn out a 10-20 page report in a night. He just attributes it to being in the zone. Needless to say, he's had no issues keeping up with his coursework and still find time for the things he actually enjoys.

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Bio/History: The second-born child of well-to-do parents, Len is one of those child prodigies, having skipped several grades throughout school. His parents always pressured him to succeed and do better, pushing him to try out sports and other extra-curricular activites when he was very young. He's terrible at sports though, though he has a fondness for and talent with music. However, he did not enjoy his time in school though, if only because of the other students. A combination of his short stature, age, and scholastic accomplishments ended up making him a prime target for bullying. Elementary school kids had been bad enough, but high school had been a terror with being shut inside lockers. With little opportunity to relate to others of his own age, he has few friends he's leaving behind. Resentful of his parents' parenting style, as they treated him more like a trophy child than a kid, he chose Stoneridge as much for the free ride as for a mild get-back at them for choosing a relatively unknown university. It didn't help that his older sister by 7 years went rebellious and then fell off the face of the map, so they'd focused all their attention on him. At least his parents have been assuaged that he can get just about whatever diploma he wants from Stoneridge, though they are leery of him being so far from home even if he does have an uncle who's on the faculty. Len can't say he knows him or his wife very well though, they only sometimes visited.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, Len doesn't try to stand out any more than he already does. He has trust issues with others, so he's slow to warm up to anyone. Truth be told, he'd rather be listening to music or playing a video game when not doing homework rather than socializing. Still, someone who enjoys music or other activities that require precise timing will have a better chance of getting him to open up.

Major: Physics & Computer Science, with minors in Music & Creative Arts
-Good class: Pretty much any of them, except...
-Bad classes: Physical Education, or anything require body conditioning/coordination. He also loathes social studies classes.

Miscellaneous: Len has a superb sense of timing. His manual dexterity is great, but he just can't seem to make use of it well when it involves the rest of his body.
Name: Len Schroeder Kian
Age: 15 (looks 12)
Height/Weight: 4'7"/ 68 lbs
Race: Human
Appearance: Len
Major(s): Physics/mechanical engineering
Minors(s): Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Electrical engineering
Poor subjects: Physical Education, History/Social Studies

Powers: Time manipulation (manifested but not controlled)

Personality: Shy and reserved, Len isn't prone to making friends quickly as he finds it hard to relate to others. It's because of that he tends to keep everybody at a safe distance, even his parents. Especially his parents, given how they view him as less of a person and more as something to be shown off and admired and complimented and to live vicariously through. Perhaps that's one reason why he hates sports so much. He loves patterns and logic and timing though, and one thing he doesn't resent his parents for is getting him introduced to music. There's almost a zen-like serenity about him, if only because he feels things can't get any worse. Listening to music and hiding on the computer or playing video games are his escapes, though only the former is one he is at liberty to indulge in often.

Aside from Physical Education, he has little trouble getting good grades in his classes. Some subjects he despises though, generally leading him to scramble to catch up when projects and homework are due because he zoned out in class. Still, he somehow manages to find the time to make it up.

History: Len's parents, being both yuppie-ish and hippie-ish, felt it would be in Len's best interest to give him a name that would distinguish him from all the Ryans and Jennifers out there, the better for people to remember it when their son achieved greatness. That they expected him to good at everything lies the beginning of Len's problems with his parents, as it seems more like they want a trophy child than a son or daughter. It doesn't help that he has an older sister who rebelled and dropped off the radar. While his parents are affluent enough to not leave him wanting materialistically, there was a lack of other important needs.

While not uncoordinated, Len just didn't have the physique to excel at sports like his parents thought he should. That's not to say they didn't try to force the issue, with them signing him up for just about every one they could manage when they deemed him old enough (which wasn't really that old at all). When it became obvious that Len was much more gifted in scholastic pursuits, they brought the pressure on him there to succeed and be the best. Toss in requisite music lessons, and Len really didn't have much time to himself to be a kid.

With little opportunity to make lasting friends outside of school, Len had further issues with his own intelligence. Kids being cruel things they are, Len's smaller size and his standing out, both in name and hid successes in the classroom,made him the target of bullies. The situation didn't get any better for him when he was skipped up grades, as not only did it mean he had no one his age to relate to, it just switched in bigger bullies for the old ones.


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