A gentle breeze stirred life into the curtains, cool and welcome as it contrasted with the warmth the noon sunlight provided. Despite the day already nearing half its completion, two young lovers still lay nested close together within a nest of linens. Slowly, they began to shift back into consciousness, the rays of light falling upon their serene faces and disturbing them from their sleep.
As if refusing to let go of sleep, the brunette pulled her partner closer, further entwining their limbs in the tangle of sheets they shared. In response, the smaller girl mumbled something incoherent, laying her head against her partner's chest. Upon hearing the muffled voice, the brunette opened her eyes, remembering the sweet reality of her partner beside her and favoring it over any dream that sleep could ever offer. She smiled as she gazed down at her lover's still sleeping face, tenderly brushing a lock of white hair out of the way so that she may have an unobstructed view.
"It's time to wake up, dear.."
The words had come out gently, laced and dripping with affection, yet barely above a whisper. However, Elizabeta needn't speak any louder, for within moments, she was greeted by pale blue eyes and a poorly stifled yawn. Elizabeta smiled down at her warmly, then placed a small kiss on her forehead. They spent the next few minutes stretching, yawning, and getting rid of their last traces of sleep before going about their 'morning' routine, not at all bothered by the fact that it was no longer morning.
Their time together could hardly be described by words, but would be better defined by the various sounds of the cozy little home they shared. Sounds of quiet and careful footsteps through the halls, shared laughter on an old yet well loved couch, the quiet steady drone of a radio, the love that echoed into bedroom walls late at night long after they had gone to sleep--- none of it could be replaced by talk, regardless of how sweet, tender, and adoring the words were.