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It seems I've been gone an awful long time...

My name is Luna and I personally identify as nonbinary. However, I really don't have any preference for pronouns. She, Him, and They are all perfectly acceptable to me. I don't mind how you may perceive me, as long as you are kind. I will also respond to the names Artemis and Diana.

I am five feet tall with white hair and blue eyes. Rabbits are my favorite animals, but I am very afraid of moths. (I heard rumors about a moth man? I hope he isn't real!) I am also afraid of drowning.

Sometimes I have a hard time talking to other people, but I really want to make as many friends as I can. I don't like loud and crowded places, as they make me nervous and sometimes overwhelm me. Please try not to yell at or around me.

At night I tend to give off a very faint glow. I will also sometimes do this when I am very happy or excited. I also have a natural talent of taking away people's pain. Whenever I see another person upset or in trouble, I always feel a need to help.

I love making new friends, so please feel free to message me or leave a comment on my profile.



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