Ai Yunna

Gender: Female Race: Werecat Age: 19
Hair:Long, Brown Eyes: Yellow Skin: Calico
HT: 5' 6" (1' 4" as kitten) WT: 155 (2 lbs.) Part: C cupFrom: Reed (former chinese city)
Family: Father unknown, Rosa Yunna (mother), Yumi (sister), Miyako (sister), Kazuko (sister), Shun (sister).
Concept: Tinkerer
Motivation: Want to improve everything
Notes: Ai was born in a ruined town with her sisters. Her family moved often and made their way across a vast amount of land. They live in one place a year and moved. Ai never asked why. In the last six months her mother died from a sickness and her sisters broke off to get jobs. All her life Ai read everything she could find. She loved manuals and how-to books the most. Unfortunately she had problems keeping a job and seemed to get fired after a month of working. She has been taking odd jobs to survive. She does refuse to work as a call girl or such.