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Name: Monty
Gender: Male Race: Merman Age: 23
Hair:Shoulder length black Eyes: brown Skin: slightly pale
HT: 6' 1" WT: 160
Family: Father unknown, Rose (mother), Henna (sister), Kriss (sister), Palia (sister), Shun (sister), Kyit (Brother)
A little history: Monty was never like his family. they wanted to stay together all the time and he didn't. He always tried to get away. Then finally he did when he was a teenager. He went to land, going further in to get away from the ocean and his family. He spent many years homeless. keeping away from the rain and water most of the time. yes even showers. every now and then taking midnight swims in pools and lakes. he sometimes thinks of his family, but it's never enough to go back to the ocean.