is now the established variation on the Ocean Islands.

These quaint spiritual songs would the males more than a way to obtain relaxation; these were a stimulus to courage and a tie up to paradise. I never overheard in camp a profane or vulgar song. With the trifling exceptions offered, all enjoyed a religious purpose, while the most secular melody could not have been far more exciting. A couple of youths from Savannah, who were comparatively gentlemen of the world, experienced learned a number of the "Ethiopian Minstrel" ditties, shipped in from the Northern. These got no carry upon the mass; and, on the other hand, they sang reluctantly, even on Sunday, the long and short metres of the hymn-guides, always happily yielding up to the more potent enjoyment of their own "spirituals." As had their fathers just before them, from the contemplation of their very own low real estate, into the sublime scenery from the Apocalypse, by these they can sing on their own. I remember that it minor-keyed pathos used to often me almost too unhappy to dwell upon, while slavery looked destined to work for generations; but now that their persistence has had its perfect job, history cannot afford to lose this portion of its record. There is not any parallel instance of an oppressed race hence sustained from the religious sentiment alone. These songs are but the vocal expression in the simplicity of their faith and the sublimity of the long resignation.

Chapter 10

Life at Camp Shaw

The Edisto expedition cost me the strength and health of numerous years. I could possibly say, a long time after, in the words and phrases of among the men, "I'se been a sickly person, eber since de expeditious." Justice to your strong constitution and excellent habits compels me, nevertheless, to say that, up to time of my injury, I used to be almost really the only officer from the regiment who had not once been off task from health issues. But at last I had to yield, and went Northern for a 30 days.

We heard much explained, during the conflict, of wounded officers who stayed unreasonably long in your house. I think there are more instances of those who went back too quickly. Such no less than was my case. On returning to the regiment I discovered a great build up of incomplete business; every member of the field and staff was prostrated by sickness or missing on comprehensive service; two companies was sent to Hilton Head on fatigue duty, and kept there unexpectedly extended: and there was really a visible demoralization among the relax, especially from the fact that their pay had just been cut down, in violation of your express pledges of the federal government. A few weeks of steady sway made okay again; and during those days I felt a perfect exhilaration of wellness, followed by on a monthly basis or two of complete prostration, when the work was done. This passing, I returned to duty, buoyed up by the fallacious wish that the winter would establish me correct again.

"Then the order arrived at leave behind the sick and those who had howard leight impact sport review , Howard leight impact sport , Howard leight impact sport been peculiarly exposed, and embark the rest next day.