Scarcely pausing in New York or even in Beaufort, there appears to have been for me personally but one step from the camp of a Massachusetts regiment howard leight impact sport battery installation to the, and that stage over leagues of waves.

Bill of fare: two beef-cattle and a thousands of oranges. The oranges cost a cent apiece, and the cattle were Secesh, bestowed by General Saxby, as they all call him.

December 1, 1862.

How absurd will be the impression bequeathed by Slavery in regard to these Southern blacks, that they are lethargic and inefficient in work! Last night, after a hard day's work (our guns along with the remainder of our own tents simply being just granted), an order originated from Beaufort which we should be prepared in the evening to unload a steamboat's cargo of boards, being some of the captured by them a few weeks since, and today assigned for their use. If the males would grumble at the night time-work; but the steamboat arrived by seven, plus it was dazzling moonlight whenever they went at it, i wondered. Have never I beheld such a jolly scene of labor. Tugging these moist and heavy boards across a bridge of boats ashore, then throughout the slimy beachfront at very low tide, then up a steep bank, and in one great uproar of merriment for two hrs. When they were some coveted treasure, getting up anxious rivalries among different organizations, pouring wonderful choruses of ridicule around the heads of all the shirkers, they made the full scene so enlivening that we gladly stayed out in the moonlight for the time to watch it, running most of the time, chattering all the time, snatching the panels from every single other's backs as. Just as the most natural means of doing the one thing, though and this without the urging or any promised reward. The steamboat captain declared that they unloaded the ten 1000 feet of boards more rapidly than any white gang could have done it; and they sensed it so when, that and very little later from the night, I reproached one whom I came across sitting with a campfire, cooking a surreptitious opossum, telling him which he ought to be resting after such a job of labor, he answered, with the broadest grin, "O no, Gunnel, da's no just work at all, Gunnel; dat only jess adequate for extend we."

December 2, 1862.

If any, i believe I actually have not yet enumerated the probable drawbacks to the success of this regiment. We have been exposed to no direct aggravation from the bright white regiments, getting out of their way; and we have as however no pains or privations which we do not present to them. I do not as yet see the tiniest obstacle, inside the nature of your blacks, for you to make them excellent soldiers, but the contrary. They consider readily to drill, and you should not object to discipline; they are not especially dreary or inattentive; they seem completely to understand the value of the tournament, and of their share in it. They demonstrate no envy or suspicion towards their officers.

They are doing show these feelings, even so, towards the Govt itself; and no one can question.