I have found a line nonsense.
I have followed every fabric.
I have chased its origin.
I have found the center of it.
I will leave it to your wavelength.
You will call me enemy.
I will shift to walk around you.
I can't bring myself to notice you.

I am caught between your logic.
I realize that you make no sense.
You will choke to birth a concept.
It will crumble with my steps.
I've become the catalyst,
at which you have thrust your inert madness.
I had walked and watched the sunset.
All too easy to forget that you exist.

I am just a skeleton.
An empty structure wrapped in skin.
I will disappear again.
Just as quickly as I came to this.

It's a cold night until the dawn of the outro.
I think that I've been walking forever.
In your eyes, I see your legs didn't take you to the end.
In my mind I see the carelessness of it.
I hate this world.

I can't carry the weight of all of everything.
All of time is burning.
We've all heard it said that no man is an island.
Already in the ocean, up to my imagination.
It's me without them or anyone else.
It's me on my own.

What's the point?
I've asked but you could never answer.
Never to my liking, and never to ease your mind for a night.
Not a damaged perspective.
Not a hope in passing.
You just keep talking all for the sake of some argument.

The columns meet with the waste of the city streets.
The people waiting for their nothings to rush to meet them.
The people waiting for end of the beginning of the end.
Leave me alone.