My entries are far and few at times. Has I might have mentioned before. I’ve been very busy with the usual and learning new things with the help of Vergil, a Nephilim. For those that don’t know, a Nephilim is a part angle, part demon creature though his appearance is human. Apparently, he is a very powerful one and has quite the reputation. A bit different from his twin brother, Dante, but I’ll get into that another time, perhaps. I’ve been aware of stuff like that and magic and witch craft and other stuff like that. I’ve recently become allies with a very powerful man named Mundus, who is a demon in a human vassal. I later found out he killed Dante’s and Vergil’s father and mother, but, despite that, Vergil still wanted to work with me. I would let Mundus deal with the whole witch craft nonsense, but than I realized that stuff might just benefit my experiments. I had read my brother’s journal that he too had met up with twin brothers that were also named Dante and Vergil, but they were part human, part demon. Form a far, he studied them, but came to a conclusion that it wasn’t really magic they used, but some type of science that looked like magic. So he thought and, since than, didn’t believe in it. If only he had gotten closer to at least one of them like I have, he would’ve realized he missed a lot, but I suppose he was too busy or something. He doesn’t really talk much about Vergil and Dante themselves. Just what they did and he only wrote two entries about it. Rather disappointing, because I know he could’ve done better, but oh well. Anyway, to see if with craft would do anything for me, I’m going to ask Vergil to help me with Something I’ve been wanting to do, but never thought it would be possible. I would ask Mundus, but he is far too busy. The thing I want Vergil to help me with has to do with Zeal. While Zeal has been the perfect guard/side kick, I feel he could do better. The idea came to me one day, when I was observing Zeal to cone up with ways I could make him better. I noticed each of his three had its own personality. I still can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner. The one in the middle is Zeal’s original head and seems to help out the other heads in anyway it can. Fro example; if one is about to get hit by something, the middle head will try to protect it in anyway it can and seems to use its strength more than the others. The head on the right seems a bit unorthodox and unstable. Nothing to worry about, but due to that, can be unpredictable. Even the other heads don’t know what he’ll do, but its always effective. He also seems to bark more than the other heads do. Especially when faced with an opponent. I believe that’s his way of talking trash has they would say and he likes to bit more than the others. Mind you, all of their jaws are strong enough to turn one’s skull into dust. They left one seems to be able to use his surroundings as a weapon. For example; if there was nothing else in the room and its faced with an opponent, hell use the walls to jump and flip off of. Kind of odd seeing a three head dog the size of a horse doing stuff like that though, but I’ve seen stranger. He also likes to use his fireball ability more than the others. With all that and Zeal’s intelligence being that of a human’s gave me the idea to give him a human form. One he can change back into his dog form from. The problem, people will notice a human with three heads and that not what I wanted. Separating them would be fatal and eve if it wasn’t, there would be no way they could go back to the three headed dog form. Now, with the whole witch craft thing, that may change.