It’s a bit interesting how I first met Dark Plagas. One night, there was a sighting of a trespasser on my property. My solders told me it was Leon. I found it odd, after all I put him threw, he’d come back. I guessed he still felt he had a score to settle with me. The feeling was mutual and I decided to help look for Leon. Has I searched the area, there was a scream. It sounded like Leon and than it turned into some inhuman nose I cannot describe and than back to Leon’s screams and than silence. It sounded like Leon had transformed into something and than changed back and the process was painful for him. We fallowed the screams. I, of course, got there before my solders did. He was lying on the ground, bleeding. This black ooze also came out of his wounds and his clothes had been torn. There was something different about Leon. His hair was black and I never picture Leon being the type to dye his hair any color and he had black veins, showing threw his skin. When I went to take a closer look, his eyes, quickly, opened, revealing his red eyes. They, quickly, turn towards me and Leon leaps to his feet with speed I never knew he had. He stands there, waiting for me to make my move. Leon had the same insane look Ada described in one report of her’s I managed to get a hold of, when the Los Plagas was starting to take control of Leon and the look gave has he was strangling Ada. I try to approach him, but he lets out a hiss. The same kind I’ve heard cephalos make when its host’s head has been removed in some way and its exposed. Finally, my solders catch up with me and one shoots a tranquilizer gun at Leon. He collapse to the ground. I get a closer look and see his wounds have healed, but the veins remain. Along with his black hair. I take him to my lab to study him further. He might have been infected with something I could’ve used. I strapped him to one of the sugerical tables. Just in case he woke up. Sure enough, before I could do anything else, he woke up and asked me the weirdest question. “Did I make it threw,” still woozy from the tranquilizer dart. I asked him what he meant by that and he explained how he was from an alternate universe and how I, in his universe, had infected him with los plagas traces, but rather than cure him, I infected him with the unnamed virus to make him stronger. He had escaped from me and found out he couldn’t control the plagas traces and the unnamed virus and because of that, and how they made him look, everyone he thought would always be there for him, turned against him. Even the government he worked for, which is the main reason he came to this universe. Though he didn’t explain how he did it. I told him I would teach him how to control the plagas traces and the unnamed virus in exchange for his services in my army. Felling he had no other choice, he agreed. He is now one of my best solders. I pay him for his services now, but its well worth it. Even if we don’t always see eye to eye. He also prefers to go under Dark Plagas, a nickname he gave his self. Whatever makes him happy. If he’s happy than there is a less chance that he’ll betray me.