The game is a quest to collect everything, including the spot you're standing on.

Your main task is to equip your pickaxe, hold down the left mouse button, positioned directly under your character, and slightly move the mouse cursor left and right until you find a breakaway-path, a differently colored block that looks important or until you get arthritis. You will be killed repeatedly, but your perseverance and dedication to find more blocks slightly colored differently from the last will push you forward.

After you do all that, you stand there and try to look pretty. You will have numerous mannequins, treasure chests and trash cans filled with clothing and all the latest accessories strewn about your humble abode floating in the sky in order to perform this task.

Once your character is overpowered, you will go to other people's worlds, making sure to bring along plenty of explosives, boss summoners and voodoo dolls in order to blow up people's buildings, sick "the dogs" after them and activate Hardmode for their pleasure. You could also go to the far east or west side of the map and drain the ocean into hell for lulz.

Then you'll get bored and do something else.