Well, I must say that I posted my last log all too early for almost a whole five minutes after there was a boom sound in the hallway I was sitting in and the power shut off immediately after that. It turns out that it was a county wide power outage and I later found out that a few cities nearby had also been wiped out of power. It was quite interesting. I almost missed dinner in the mess hall because of it, but fortunately, the mess hall had quickly gathered everything together to feed the mass of hungry college students who were starting to swarm around the building. The line was a bit long, but the wait was worth the free food that I got, sure it might have been leftovers, but it was still good.

Then when I got back up to my unfortunately shared captain's quarters I made the decision that most people would make in a time like this; I took a much needed nap from my long day of school. The power outage didn't really affect my class schedule; the only class that got canceled was one that I didn't have to go to this week. But oh well, such is life. When the power turned back on I charged at my computer and quickly jotted down all the ideas that were flowing through my head about the paper that I had to finish for today. And I'm pleased to say that I finished in time with plenty of time to rest, unlike one of the other people inhabiting my captain's quarters who I'm pretty sure stayed up all night attempting to finish it.

Now I'd say that's enough about the past, moving on now. Today was a simple day. Nice and easy with only a couple of things to do besides of course the loads of homework and studying that I come back to after a day at school. Ya...that was about it for today. I feel really lazy, 'cause I didn't seem all too productive with my day today. Hmm...I should probably work on that.

Signing off,
Captain Zetallia