So today it was hot, hot, hot! Normally it gets pretty warm up here when it is in the 60s and by that time I'm breaking a sweat as I'm walking to all my classes. But geez, today was so hot, it was in the 90s. I wish I brought some shorts or maybe a dress up because wearing jeans isn't the best in this weather. Oh the humidity level is also fairly high up here to so that doesn't make things much better. Most of the buildings I have been in don't have air conditioning either. My math class was so hot I was starting to nod off during the lecture and I was sweating during the whole class, and then I came back to the dorm, which doesn't have ac either so I was very unmotivated to get started on my homework due to the heat. Even now it is still very hot in the dorm. I hope it cools down soon.

Signing off,
Captain Zetallia