March 27, 2014
Today was emotional.... sad i always lost one of my best friend because her mom thought my text was in a bad way.... Be careful about WHAT YOU SAY!!!! I didn't want to lose one of my best friends, her mom, or brother so i cried for a while but all in the end we make up....... smile you probably think that's good right?? it is just not when she tells her son that I HAVE HIS' PHONE!!!!!! I mean i still love her like one of my moms but still you don't go tell your son that this little girl has his phone..... Lucky he believed me smile Anyway i guess Jesus slapped some sense into their mom, which i am glad because i didn't want to lose anyone. She realized she made a big fuzz over it and talked to everyone and after she talked to me i told her my story about how i started to cry and she said she was sorry and we hugged and the end. I just thank the lord that i still have one of my best friend, her mom and brother still!!!!!! ^_^