Today is March 26th,
Today really hasn't been that good for me, but you shouldn't let one day ruin your entire life right? I don't know, i am just tired of getting yelled at and stuff....... I mean my mom yelled at me because i couldn't leave my friends house, her mom said not to leave the house because she wanted someone there. Because there was a cop that came to the her house and asked about a house that got robbed today...... (I hope the person who got robbed is okay!) But my mom doesn't know that..... But she yelled at me because I wouldn't go to my house to get my sisters computer off her bed.... (the bottom of my sisters computer gets hot when it charges so to prevent the house to catch on fire we keep it off the bed when were not home.) But I couldn't because my friends mom said not to go or to just lock up well you see neither of us have a key to her house so we would of got locked out.... So my mom told me that I cant spend the night anymore for spring break at my friends house. (which I think is so unfair!!) But maybe i can get my mom to change her mind or maybe she will forget. (*evil face*) Just kidding but I hope I can spend the night before spring break is over..