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March 11th, 2014
Journal Entry 3
11th of March, 2014

This morning has been a long and interesting one. Awoke around 3am feeling rather ill, sensing my distress my pet awoke as well to keep me company as I sat up smoking some herbs to settle my stomach. His company was much appreciated as it is always nice to have someone to talk to especially at night. We were able to go back to sleep shortly after and did not awake again till after 8am, I believe, however my body still felt very tired and sleep wanted to take me in its grasp again. A steamy hot shower was the remedy to wake me right up and allow me to continue on my morning duties. Once able to sit down again to tend to my normal online routine and business I find two odd private messages. Neither of which are related by any means but still both odd.

The first letter was brief and to the point, perhaps not as much odd as it was unexpected. The person spoke of Gaia having to shut down, for reasons I will not discuss, and that it would be soon. I am unsure still about such matters happening as my research shows no such scare as of late. The last known post or scare about this was over one year ago. Still, it is not impossible nor farfetched I would say. Could be worth looking into as I do not wish to lose anything I have on here, items and writing that is.

As for the second letter, well that is very strange indeed. A man strange man messages me questioning my abilities and worthiness of owning my pets. This fool makes me laugh, like such a man would know anything about my lifestyle. He spoke of dominating me and showing how a real master works, but these are just meaningless threats. I am sure he is just a young boy who gets all his pleasure from online woman whom he must lie to. Such pathetic beings lurk around Gaia, they should be put into their place. But none the less, I shall only ignore these rude individuals. I only have time for those sweet innocent creatures whom can show their loyalty. –wink-

I have been spending more time wondering through Gaian’s threads and have found some more interesting and quiet amusing topics. I have popped in on a few of them only posted briefly to either give advice, bump their thread or give the casual flirtatious comment always seeming to make more than a few Gaian’s blush like school children. I do so enjoy making them feel wanted and loved…..as well as squirm in their seats. –grin-

There are many things that need to be done together, plans for the game room are starting to commence as well as getting things moved around. It all must be done by next Wednesday for DnD, our new members will be attending so the room much be done to fit everyone comfortably. New blood is something we definitely needed around here, now we have it. Still, there is always room for more if anyone is interested and lives within 50 miles of my town or how ever far willing to travel. This will end today’s entry as I must make sure my pet gets on his feet and begins the work at hand.

-The Mistress

Mistress Vellexis
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