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March 15th, 2014
Journal Entry 5
15th of March, 2014

It has been two days since I was bed ridding, apparently when my annoying family visited us a few days ago they brought along a lovely little virus, the flu, with them. Now I have come down with it and have been having a lot of trouble concentrating along with a few other bothersome symptoms. Lucky I have such a wonderful pet to take care of me in my momentary weakness. In my time of bed rest, when I have not been asleep, I have begun to work on my new ShadowRun persona. When first given the task, at a last minute put-together, I quickly made a Human Technomancer who was to be extremely skilled in matix controls, mechanics, hacking, rigging with all the qualities of a smuggler. However once that night was over I find that the DnD player who is infatuated with me decided to make the same character as I. Personally I believe that sort of decision defies the whole point of DnD which is to create your own persona to portray. So instead of making a big deal about the matter I decided I would scrap my poorly make character and take more time to create a much better character, more unique if you will.

As I lay there thinking and reading about ShadowRun I found myself putting more and more thought into my character’s personality and back story. Why go down my traditional route, usually staying out of the way letting the other players take charge so as to let them have fun with it all. Though I am not done with her yet, she will be the Face of our group, as well as a Smuggler.

Living in the shadows isn’t all about big guns, major mojo, and dancing the electron two-step. Sometimes a more personal approach is needed, and that’s where the Face comes in. As the public persona of the Shadowfunning team, she uses her charm and charisma to negotiate with Mr. Johnson, wine and dine information sources, and talk her way out of tricky situations where blazing guns are not the smart way to go. The Face’s strengths are in her wide web of contacts and business associates, her magnetic personality, and her uncanny ability to figure out what people want and give it to them—all the while cutting a better deal for herself and her team. She’s got style, she is got flair, she is up on all the latest fashions and trends and she is just as comfortable chatting over drinks with a corporate bigwig as she is discussing the year’s Urban Brawl draft with a group of sprawl gangers. She is the consummate social chameleon, easily slipping in and out of character to make the best of any situation.

Part grease monkey, part hotshot driver, the Smuggler never met a vehicle she did not like—or could not drive. Not only that, but she can fix it if it breaks down or gets shot up, and odds are very good that she can improve it so it will do things that the original designer never intended. Whether screaming through a border crossing in a souped-up T-Bird or dogfighting in a specially modified cargo plane, the Smuggler’s got the nerve and the know-how to get your cargo where it needs to go in one piece. She knows from Seattle to Denver and beyond. If you need to get somewhere in a hurry without anybody knowing you have left the Smuggler’s your best bet—but even if things get a little hot and you pick up a tail, she is more than capable of blowing it away in vehicle-to-vehicle combat.

As for more in depth personality I am still working on it, but since I needed to take a few Negitive Qualities I decided to give her Phobias. After a while of thinking I decided on:

Acarophobia- An overwhelming, irrational fear of small bugs that can cause itching.
Autophobia- An abnormal and persistent fear of loneliness, of being alone.
Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgotten or ignored or forgetting.

So she will have a different person in her bed each night that she will find in high class bars and night clubs. There is much much more I have thought about for her, but I see this entry is long enough as well as I am in need of more rest. –Painful cough-

-The Mistress

Mistress Vellexis
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